the factory

Is just that... a factory. We manufacture happiness, tone bodies, and happy clients. We offer a wide variety of ways to move, much more than what you’d find at your regular gym. From our original Outdoor Boot Camp to our one of a kind indoor circuit featuring rowing, stretching and breathing. Our factory features swag for sale, a smoothie bar with post-workout nutrition, and personal training. Don’t forget we offer one on one consultations for both training and nutrition plans as well. Water, towels, and shower facilities (with products) are provided. Like we said it's a factory, The TOTAL MOVEMENT FACTORY.

erika strimer

I kicked ass and took names in the corporate world, leading a very successful career where fitness was not my background. After I met someone who believed in me and made me believe in myself, I left behind the corporate lunches and high heels and traded them in for sneakers and coaching some of the most remarkable humans. Its when I started as “the girl in the park with her boom box” as the owner of an outdoor boot camp.

Now, six years later, I opened my first fitness studio. I created a movement. Total Movement changes lives every day, just as it has changed mine. People who come to Total Movement not only get a workout but a total experience. We want to give you a kick-ass work out because we want to change your body physically, but also clarity so you can take control of your life.

why we move

Our bodies were built to move, in today's world, it is so easy not to move. We move to build muscle, lose or maintain fat loss, and improve your overall mental health by connecting your muscles to your mind. We move not only to look better, but to feel and do better in everyday life. We move because movement is life.